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The contact form and email allows users to ask archivists questions about the documents described on the site and about their own research, to obtain advice and information.

Supporting members

To access the "Research assistance", "Personal Assistance" and "Reproductions" services described below, the Association requires the payment of a membership fee of €30,00, valid for one year, including the first 5 digital reproductions of the documents . The reimbursement of expenses for requesting subsequent photos or research will be assessed from time to time by the archivists.

The digital reproductions and/or research results will be sent via a specific link after making the payment to the Association via bank transfer, for which a tax-deductible receipt will be issued.

Research assistance

When deemed useful, supporting members can request specific archive searches from the archivists who manage the funds described in the site database.

Personal Assistance

In accordance with the archival legislation, scholars are welcomed into the archives where they can directly consult the papers, after having obtained authorization from the Archival Superintendence competent for the territory. You can download the form here.
In this case the archivist will be responsible for accompanying the scholar, by appointment, or communicating the opening hours of the archive to the public.


It is possible to order digital photographs of the documents, after having read their description and having precisely indicated their identifying data, through the connecting email in the "Contacts" section.

Duplicate documents may be used according to the consultation procedures in use in the scientific environment (with citation of the archive of origin and the website).

A copy of all publications in which documents provided through the "" site are cited must be sent free of charge to the reference archive. The details will be published on the "News" page.

Permission to publish images of the reproduced documents is subject to the agreement of the owners of the archives which store the documents in question.

Advertisements on the "News" page

With the internal email or at the address it is possible to communicate the release of books, the date of conferences, conventions, the publication of research and inventories regarding archives, history and families. The announcement will be placed on the site's home page.

Publications for which a review is desired can be sent to the Association's address.