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You can search for documents that concern people, places, events, by entering the keyword in the field of "Ricerca semplice" [Simple search] from the home page

By entering "Ricerca avanzata" [Advanced search] the search can be narrowed down to a specific collection, section, series and chronological range. One can search for several words by selecting one of the following items under "Tipo di ricerca" [Type of research]:

     "Almeno un termine" [At least one term];

"Ricerca esatta" [Exact search] if one wants the terms to appear in the description in the exact sequence indicated;

"Tutti i termini" [All terms] for all terms, in any order.

The result obtained with the search will be one or more strings with the date and keywords of the document. Clicking on the brief descriptions of the documents opens up the complete, detailed description of the file. In the case of "Advanced search", the bottom arrow allows you to return to the search result.

Directly from the "Descrizione del fascicolo" [Description of the file] page, it is possible to open the "Richieste" [Request] form to request further information.

Produttore [Creators]

In addition to the description of the family as creators of the documentation, which can be found on the specific page of each Archive, it is possible to search for information on families and on people as a whole. The personal records give information on the chronology, on the biography and on the position within the family tree of each individual person

Listings on the "News" page

With internal mail or at the address "" it is possible to communicate the distribution of books, the dates and venues of conferences, the publication of research as well as of inventories concerning archives, history and families. Such announcements will be placed on the home page of the site.

Publications for which a review is desired can be sent to the Associazione.

Research assistance

Email contact enables questions relating to the user's current research to be addressed to archivists, for advice and information.

When deemed useful, specific research may be requested from archivists working in the archives described on the site’s database. For these services, the Association will charge a fee as specified in the "Tariffario" [List of charges].

Personal Assistance

Conform with archival legislation, scholars are welcome in the archives, where they can consult the documents directly, after having obtained an authorization from the Soprintendenza archivistica  competent for the region concerned.

In this case the archivist will undertake to accompany the scholar, by making an appointment or communicating the times when the archive is open to the public.

You can download the authorization form here .


It is possible to order digitized photographs of the documents, after having read their description and having accurately indicated the identifying data, through the email link of the "Contact" section. Charges for this service take the form of a contribution to the Association, according to the list specified in the "Tariffario" [List of charges].


The digital photos will be provided through a special link, once the contribution has been paid.

Note: for assignments that require a search or a targeted selection of the documents to be reproduced (for example, if from a group of letters covering the years 1500-1550 only those of the decade 1530-1540 are requested, or if reproductions should target only a specific subject matter) an additional fee will be charged for the research work, as specified in the "Tariffario" [list of charges].


Permission to use the reproduced documents is subordinated to current scholarly practice (with references to the archive of origin and to the website).

List of Charges

Fee for digital photographs jpg format. € 1.00 per photo.

For research work, the archivist will be guaranteed an hourly contribution of € 30.00.